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Do you need a Manual Wheelchairs or Transport Chairs? :here is the difference.

Manual Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs are commonly mixed up by customers and can seem like they hold the same purpose. Some may be inclined to purchase a transport chair thanks to its reduced cost, but they may lack some key abilities that only a manual wheelchair can provide. While these two devices certainly have some similarities, the use for each is different. Put simply, Manual Wheelchairs are designed for the individual in the chair to self-navigate, while transport chairs are designed for a caregiver to push.

A Manual Wheelchair is best for self-navigation mainly due to the wheel design. Most often Manual Wheelchair’s have one set of small wheels in the front, allowing for sharper turning radius and another set of large sized wheels in the back, used for propulsion and creating effective forward movement. Manual wheelchairs generally allow for adjustable fitting, ensuring a comfortable and safe fit. Manual wheelchair’s can be essential in maintaining or achieving independent mobility.

Transport Chair’s differ from manual wheelchairs in multiple ways. The main difference is its lightweight frame and portability. Transport chairs are designed to be the most effective for movement, so they have the ability to fold up for storage or transport. Both sets of wheels are small on transport chairs allowing for the ability to navigate through tight spaces or sharp turns.

Does a Manual Wheelchair or Transport Chair fit you or a loved one’s needs? It should be noted that it is common for users to have both items to use for unique circumstances. (e.g. Travel, Bathroom) Consider each use case to determine which equipment(s) may be necessary for your needs.

If you have any questions regarding Wheelchairs or Transport Chairs or any other product you may be interested in, please contact us at : Hope Home Medical (918)-967-2800 or click the link for our website .

Hope Home Medical is A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

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