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Benefits of using a hospital beds

Hospital Beds are a very useful piece of equipment that tremendously improves the quality of life of many individuals. While they hold the name “hospital” bed, they are not just for hospitals and nursing homes anymore. It is common for hospital beds to be in user-homes, assisting the user and potential caregivers alike.

Hospital beds can be beneficial in many ways, but we will focus on 4 of the main ways that they are useful. These four reasons include easier repositioning, Adjustable head and foot of bed, protection of caregiver, helpful accessory equipment.


Frequent re-positioning can prevent joint stiffness and bed sores from forming.

Adjustable Head and Foot

Personally, users may want to sit up to socialize, read, watch television, or eat. There are also some medical reasons why these features are necessary. If user is experiencing low blood pressure or trouble breathing, sitting in an upright position can potentially alleviate these symptoms.

Caregiver Protection

Back injuries are very common for healthcare providers, hospital beds allow customization for height that make it possible for the caregiver to always be in a position that promotes good body mechanics.

Helpful Accessories

The use of over-bedside tables, side rails, and trapeze’s can all be beneficial depending on the user’s needs and mobile ability. Air mattress pumps and calf pumps can be used to promote proper blood flow.

The only difference between a full and semi electric bed is that a semi-electric bed as a whole must be manually raised or lowered. The head and foot portions of the bed move electronically through the bedside remote, but the actual height of the bed is changed manually using a crank. On fully electric beds, the height is moved electrically along with the foot and the head of the bed using the bedside remote.

Which style of Hospital bed best fits your needs?

If you have any questions regarding Hospital Beds or any other product you may be interested in, please contact us at : Hope Home Medical (918)-967-2800 or click the link for our website .

Hope Home Medical is A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

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